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Camp Adelaide, a camp for members of the Girl Guides association, was bought in 1959 and opened on July 9, 1960. Its namesake was Adelaide McLaughlin, who was a benefactor of the camp. The McLaughlin family donated $3200 in 1959 which assisted with the purchase of the camp. It was located on 500 acres on Black Lake in Haliburton Highlands, and it was intended to serve the needs of members in the Central Area.

Throughout the years it underwent major renovations, including the construction of Adelaide House which was completed in 1995.

Camp Adelaide held a special place in the Girl Guide hearts as the camp was a place with lots of memories. The camp was busy all summer long and hosted many summer programs. Unfortunately, due to financial complications, the Girl Guides had to close a number of their camps, including Camp Adelaide. The camp was closed officially in 2019 and was sold.

As of 2023, it is used as a camping site for the public with a number of ways to camp, such as glamping, geodesic dome, and a bubble dome.

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