Oshawa Hebrew Congregation


In 1926, the appointment of a Rabbi and Shochet meant the formation of the Oshawa Hebrew Congregation. The President of this new Congregation was Hyman Engel, a prominent businessman and store-owner. Engel hosted initially hosted the Congregation at his event hall at 16-18 Simcoe St. N.

After a few years, the Jewish families of Oshawa came together to purchase a seven-bedroom home at 45 Albert St. in 1928. This where the Congregation would meet until the formal opening of the Beth Zion Synagogue in 1956.

A Shtiblach or Shtiebel is a small Shule, typically in someone’s home, which new congregations would set up as a place for communal prayer. This was very common in smaller cities throughout Ontario, which often lacked synagogues, Kosher foods and other community infrastructure.

Although there is more information about the role of historic synagogues in Toronto and Montreal, smaller Shuls were also important. They provided Jewish families in smaller cities with a place for community and prayer.

While 45 Albert St. is no longer standing, it had great significance. It was the home of the Oshawa Hebrew Congregation for 27 years.

For more information on Shtiebel, please visit: https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/4091052/jewish/What-Is-a-Shtiebel.htm

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Albert Street 45
Oshawa L1H 4R1 ON CA
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