Cedar Dale Station / Station 2

1946-1981; building still standing

The original Cedar Dale fire station holds many memories for community members. Now standing as Vanderheyden’s Garage, and built in December of 1946, the hall was made to accommodate twelve workers and three fire apparatus. It was located close by the C.N.R. tracks. The fire hall was the first civic building to be opened in Oshawa in 15 or 16 years. Mayor McCallum, the mayor at the time, expressed his joy for the station and helped with the opening ceremony. With six men working day and night, Deputy Chief Ray Hobbs temporarily became the head commander.

A member of the community shared her memories about this station, and she described the department as well maintained and “cleaned to perfection.” Station 2 had large windows and an office next to the fire truck bays on the main floor. The office was always occupied by at least one or two firemen. This was taken in place to in order for emergency telephone calls to be accepted.

A kitchen was located upstairs, as well as a living room. During a 24 hour shift, this community member’s father took pleasure in cooking a roast beef dinner for himself and his co-workers. She recalled a time when her father, even in the middle of dinner, immediately went into action after the alarm went off.

“No matter what, the job, the training and the strong desire to save lives kicked in!”

The living room was spacious which included a pool table, two card tables, a couch, chairs, and a TV. In one corner of the space, there was a brass pole. “All I remember is watching my dad show us how fast he could go down the pole. It was exciting; although he only allowed us to watch him from the main floor!”

This building is still standing. As of the 2020s, it is used as Vanderhayden’s Garage.

With information from:

Reflections of Oshawa participant, Oshawa Museum archival collection

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